Cayuga County NY Civil


Cayuga County Cultural Features: Civil

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Name County USGS Topo Map
City of Auburn Cayuga Auburn
Town of Aurelius Cayuga Cayuga
Town of Brutus Cayuga Weedsport
Town of Cato Cayuga Cato
Town of Conquest Cayuga Montezuma
Town of Fleming Cayuga Scipio Center
Town of Genoa Cayuga Genoa
Town of Ira Cayuga Cato
Town of Ledyard Cayuga Sheldrake
Town of Locke Cayuga Moravia
Town of Mentz Cayuga Montezuma
Town of Montezuma Cayuga Montezuma
Town of Moravia Cayuga Moravia
Town of Niles Cayuga Owasco
Town of Owasco Cayuga Skaneateles
Town of Scipio Cayuga Scipio Center
Town of Sempronius Cayuga Sempronius
Town of Sennett Cayuga Auburn
Town of Springport Cayuga Union Springs
Town of Sterling Cayuga Fair Haven
Town of Summerhill Cayuga Sempronius
Town of Throop Cayuga Auburn
Town of Venice Cayuga Genoa
Town of Victory Cayuga Victory
Village of Aurora Cayuga Union Springs
Village of Cato Cayuga Cato
Village of Cayuga Cayuga Cayuga
Village of Fair Haven Cayuga Fair Haven
Village of Meridian Cayuga Cato
Village of Moravia Cayuga Moravia
Village of Port Byron Cayuga Montezuma
Village of Union Springs Cayuga Union Springs
Village of Weedsport Cayuga Weedsport
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