Locating New York Cemetery Records An Introduction


An Introduction to Finding New York Cemetery Records

Are you looking for information on New York cemetery records? Whether you are looking for business or personal closure, it may be reassuring to know that you can find databases of New York cemetery records online. First, consider the history of cemeteries and graveyards in New York. Cemetery records were originally known as graveyard records.

A History of New York Cemetery Records and Graveyards

New York cemetery records are designated areas of land in which the bodies of the dead, or cremated remains, are buried. This is also the land where the final ceremonies (usually religious in nature) are given. A few centuries ago, graveyards were used to bury the dead. However, this practice ceased through the years because of a large increase in population, the outbreak of infectious disease, a lack of space, and strong opinions held by churches, who didn?t like the idea of burying people who had never attended their services.

New York Cemetery Records of the Past

Eventually, authorities on the city and national level started standardizing their burial arrangements and moving them away from church-sponsored graveyards. Today, however, particularly in discussing New York cemetery records, the two terms are often used interchangeably. New York cemetery records, even from many years ago, are still available today, thanks to excellent record keeping practices. Before online searching, most people looked up New York cemetery records in libraries, government buildings, and other local resources.

Using New York Cemetery Records for Closure and Education

People may need New York cemetery records for closure, perhaps wishing to find the head stone, as this symbolically represents a person?s final resting place. It is cathartic for many visitors to stop and talk to the head stone, as if having a final goodbye with the deceased. Of course, some people merely search New York cemetery records for information, perhaps seeking a confirmation of a person?s death for legal reasons. For example, New York cemetery records might be needed for verifying marriage status, determining family inheritance, or resolving another legal matter.

Searching for New York Cemetery Records Online Makes Everything Easy

Whereas years before, New York cemetery records and graveyard records were only available by searching the paper records of the cemetery?s owner, today, it is quite easy to find New York cemetery records online. These records are compiled by visitors who actually go to the cemetery in question, or users who send in information. New York cemetery records are easy to find online; you simply type in a person?s name, date of death or birth, and the state that they were located in. New York actually has a variety of cemeteries in all of its cities, and some of these locations may actually be searchable online through New York cemetery records. Some New York cemetery records even provide photo evidence of the head stone.

Making Peace in Your Life with Help from New York Cemetery Records

Indeed, discovering that a longtime friend or family member of yours has passed (by searching New York cemetery records online) on can be a devastating experience, particularly if you never knew of their illness or life situation. However, it may help you to read New York cemetery records, which not only contains death record information, but also a personally written transcript on the headstone, celebrating the life of the person.

You Can Find Information from New York Cemetery Records Stored Online

It helps a great deal to know that your friend or relative lived a full life and touched the lives of so many others. The good news is that New York cemetery records are easy to find, and they often outlive the cemetery itself. New York cemetery records could quite possibly last forever thanks to volunteer companies that publish New York cemetery records online for educational use.

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